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In the city
In the city
500 m
Aragonese castle
It is the most important fortification in the province of Reggio Calabria and is considered together with the Riace Bronzes, symbol of the city. This castle has a long history, starting from the middle of the 6th century under the Byzantines and then, passing through Normans and Swabians, up to the Aragonese. Then followed alternating periods, decay and restoration, with the risk of being demolished. Since 1897 it has been declared a national monument.
350 m
Hypogean archaeological area of ​​Piazza Italia
The area is located under Piazza Italia, near the Corso Garibaldi. The excavations, although they cover an area of ​​small dimensions, are of great importance and show 11 different layers of construction: from the oldest, the great Greco-Roman one, up to the XIX century, a period in which the area was destined for public use . You can see the ancient Roman pavement, walls, wells and cisterns of the Byzantine era, rooms of the Norman era probably intended for the working of bronze, buildings from the Angevin period, and the foundation of the base of the statue of Ferdinando di Borbone which dates back to 1823. All Inside the site, coins of great numismatic importance have been found. Among the various theories, still under study, the site could contain the remains of the ancient mint of Reghion, ancient Reggio.

270 m
Greek-Roman archaeological area
As evidence of the vastness of the Greek city, today there are some sections of the walls that survived the historical events.

There is still a stretch near the waterfront.

The excavations have also brought to light the ruins of one of the eight thermal baths probably present in the first centuries AD, a period in which Regium prospered as a Roman municipium.
Out of town
Out of town
30 km
“Just 25 minutes from our Hotel”
It is certainly the most important ski resort in southern Italy. The plant is in operation throughout the winter season, recently inaugurated 2 new tracks that are added to those already in operation. Throughout the year the Aspromonte becomes an unmissable attraction for all mountain, woodland and uncontaminated nature lovers.
A little further away
A little further away
115 km
Pizzo Calabro
110 km
118 km
145 km
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